Cold Climate Information - Blue Mountains of NSW

Area Map - Blue Mountains and Central Tablelands region.

Aerial Photo - Blackheath village from above.

Relief Maps - Andrew Miskelly's excellent Great Dividing Range Maps.

Snow in Marginal Conditions - Finding snow in marginal conditions across the Oberon Plateau.

What is Sleet? - The Australian definition of sleet and other forms of frozen precipitation.

Oberon Plateau Snow Shadow - Example of the OP acting as a snow shadow to the Blue Mountains. Quite often most snow falls on the OP when the winds come from the W, WSW or SW. Sometimes the stronger systems can still bring snow from this direction for the Blue Mountains, ie: very strong cold pools = good uplift/convection. BMs can get better snow when winds are more southerly, which is not as common.

Snowfalls in World News - ABC News has a good resource here.

Historical Snowfalls - snowfalls in years gone by. Also, see detailed reanalysis of the 1965 event below.

The 1965 Snow Event - Widespread snow article by Andrew Miskelly.

The Classic May 28, 2000 Outbreak - Great report/analysis from Australian Weather News.

1900 Snow Event - Barton Tragedy - The biggest snowfall in recent Blue Mountains history.

Re-analysis Tool - Do-it-yourself style. A bit complex if you are new to these things.

Numerical Forecasting - Good articles(s) on understanding the computer models.

Model Forecasting - Model Grid Points, optimal time stamp charts etc.

BoM Storm Spotters - Great info here. Consider becoming a Storm Spotter.

Fog and Mist - Wikipedia article. Difference between mist and fog etc. Good article.

Stevenson Screen Info - Wikipedia article. Thermometers must be 1.25m above the ground.

Thunderstorm Info - Good Wikipedia article on various types etc.

Tornado Information - Good Wikipedia article. Tornadoes do occur in Australia in most years.

Enhanced Fujita Scale - Replaces the original Fujita Scale for rating tornadoes.

Tornado Information in Australia - Yes, they do occur. Photos and reports.

Microburst Article - Use as a guide only, Wikipedia is helpful but may not be definitive.

Australian Weather News Snow Page - Some great info on snow in Australia, including our snowiest towns/areas.

Driving in Snow and Ice - Some important tips on avoiding accidents during cold outbreaks.

How do autumn colours occur? - Nice article on this wonderful phenomenon.

Upper Blue Mountains Climate Records - Long term Obs from the old Mt Victoria site - 1872 to 1990.

Bom climate records for NSW - Temperature and rainfall figures etc for NSW and the ACT.

Old Snow Stories thread on Weatherzone - A great link at Weatherzone, pages of old snow photos and stories from the tablelands. A must read.

Solar Climate Connection - A great read at Weatherzone, showing the connection between solar and earth climate.

Current Australian and Victorian conditions - A more detailed look at developing autumn and winter conditions.

Blue Mountains forecasting - Important notes for the Blue Mountains.

Roberts Story - A Blue Mountains local shares his love of snow.

Understanding Weather Model Basics - Basic advice on plotting the AVN forecasting model.

850hPa Heights - Forecasting snow guide.

Understanding East Coast Lows - A bit of background info on this wonderful autumn and winter phenomenon.

Thunderstorm Forecasting Guide - An excellent guide to storms by Anthony Cornelius.

Measuring Settling and Falling Snow - How to develop greater accuracy with snow measurements.

Blue Mountains Snow - Good weather conditions for Blue Mountains snow.

Blue Mountains Weather Myths - Understanding Blue Mountains Weather and breaking down the myths.

Weatherzone Glossary - A great guide to understanding the weather from The Weather Company.