Forecast Material

Important - Notes on understanding forecasts and learning the basics yourself.

Australian Science Media Centre - A not-for-profit, independent, service for news media.

BoM Glossary - Commonly used weather terms.

Weatherzone Glossary - Detailed explanations of commonly used weather terms.

BoM Videos - Warnings via video etc.

Central Tablelands Forecast - New, improved BoM forecasts.

NSW Forecast Map - New, improved BoM forecasts.

Bureau of Meteorology NSW Forecast - Detailed text forecast for NSW.

Elders National Weather Charts - Seven day charts from Elders.

Bureau of Meteorology radar page - National radars and learn about radars.

New BoM Climate Data Initiative - Huge amounts of climate info. More to come.

Bureau of Meteorology Seasonal Outlook - Including ElNino wrap-up.

BoM Annual Climate Summary - Released early January each year.

Sydney Catchment Authority - Dam levels and more.

Sea Surface Temps - A good site for past and present SSTs.

Sea Surface Temps - Global - Regularly updated. No archive.

NOAA Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies - Regularly updated.

Sea Surface Temperature Forecasts etc - A BoM initiative.

Forecasting Material - More Technical

See forecasting model help article here

Yr.No - reliable, simple forecast output.

Brisbane Storm Chasers - Stormcast. - Great storm forecast tool.

WunderMap - Great forecast tool. Takes time to learn.

BoM Forecast Rainfall - Read the info link here.

Weatherzone Rain Forecast - Use in conjuction with model analysis.

BoM - Met Eye - Forecasts. Use with caution. Combine with standard forecasts.

BoM Operational Consensus Forecasts - Can be more accurate than single model forecasts.

OCF - more info for the link above - A good summary of Ensemble forecasting.

BoM Models - New model renderings here, including 700hPa temps.

Monthly Temperature Anomalies - Excellent rendition of world temps for each month.

Space Weather - Check out sunspot activity etc.

Extended GFS - Weather Underground - Free material, published soon after model output.

AWN Graphical Synoptic charts - brilliant presentation of local weather obs.

Sea Ice Maps - Strong sea ice years can help strengthen our cold fronts.

Ensemble Forecasting Info - A good summary from Wikipedia.

GFS Charts from Elders site - Surface pressure, rainfall and thickness. Nice layout.

NOMAD home page - Model analysis for the more experienced.

Snow Watch - Snow forecasting from Australian Weather News. Explanation notes on the site.

WetterZentrale - German model central. Lots of good charts if you know basic German.

Bom soundings - Enter "bomw0007" for user id and "aviation" for password.