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23-3-17 NB: Hope you like the new main page, thought it was time for a bit of a change. This new site is easier to use on mobile phones - plus you can use the dedicated mobile site, linked from the main site, too. Please be patient as I make sure all the main links are still here and let me know via if there is something missing or that you want included and I will do my best.

Latest News

22-8-12: Plenty of things still going on behind the scenes here at Blackheath Weather, even if I haven't posted in here for a long time. Hope some of you are enjoying the live Twitter feed. It seems to be working well for quick updates and images.

29-3-10: Plenty of activity behind the scenes here at Blackheath Weather, even if I haven't posted in here for a long time. Go to the Cold Climate Information link on the main page and view the Historical Snowfalls link there. Thanks to Mr NASA for all of his work with this data base. With autumn moving in, I plan to take some shots of the autumn colours soon. Stay tuned.

11-11-08: Family circumstances are settling down here so I should get some more time to work on the site over the next few months.

9-4-08: Due to family circumstances, updates to this site will be less common for the present time. My apologies, regular updates will resume as soon as possible.

19-12-07: I've added a whole lot more webcams to the webcam link on the main page, including lots of northern hemisphere webcams to view winter snowfalls there. Some great views for sure in winter or any other time. Thanks to all that have sent in good cam links.

31-10-07: More links have been added to the Cold Climate link on the main page. The new links are mostly related to severe weather and tornadoes. Contrary to what many folk think, tornadoes do occur in this country more often than realised. View a classic example of one in the photos page.

11-8-07: The new front page template has now been released to the public. This design is based much more on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which is the modern way to render websites rather than the older table style layout. Over coming months I hope to also produce a more CSS orientated layout for my other pages for easier updating but this will take time. I am doing most of the new coding by hand (ie: not using fancy web design programs, even though I have them) as I want to learn the coding properly to give it a good chance of rendering this website in most browsers. It should all validate in W3C standards for HTML and CSS but if anyone is having viewing problems, please let me know. NB: Apologies that all of the personal details for photo copyright etc are not listed as yet on the new site pages, I do have permission for those photos that are displayed that are not owned by me and will attribute copyright to all of the images online asap.

19-2-07: Weatherzone is having problems this afternoon so I have disabled the Weatherzone local weather search box on the main page (bottom left margin) as it was causing my main page to load slowly. Will restore the local weather search box when Weatherzone has come back online or is working normally. The Quick Check - Local Weather Guide is also not loading properly as it uses a script from Weatherzone to display various weather details. Will be back online ASAP.

11-2-07: There has been a format and colour change for, so apologies whilst I get all the original documents up and running properly. Let me know of any glaring problems.

9-11-06: A new Antarctica & Sub Antarctica - Special Feature has been added to the 'Weather Stations' link on the main page. Some interesting photos and info there.

6-11-06: A new webcams link has been added to the main page. View the left hand margin on the main page to check it out.

30/10/06: Head to the photos link on the main page to view the excellent Tassie snow photos from a super late October cold outbreak.