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All photos are copyrighted to Blackheath Weather or the stated owner - sometimes the owner is included in the photo filename. Do not use without permission. Scroll down further for Snowfall Classics and International Classics.

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Turn up your sound to hear the birds tweeting and soft snow falling.

Click here - Amazing, skiing down a street in Blackheath - 12-10-12.

Snowfall Classics

Snowfall Classic Images

Duluth, Minnesota - Major Cold Outbreak March 2007 - Thanks to Rich KOIVISTO. Check out what 55mph winds can do to Lake Superior from Picture Five onwards. Pretty impressive weather.

Below are some images from the extraordinary Victorian cold blast on 25-12-06 and following that the Tassie cold blast on the 28-10-06. Thanks to Kahanamoku ( forums) for the Victorian images and Daniel Lester for the Tasmanian ones. Images are copyrighted to them.

Some impressive Nebraska Ice Storm Images - 29-12-2006.