Satellite Page

Weatherzone layers - Satellite and much more.

Himawari-8 - Satellite Image - Superb high definition.

Quick Click - Satellite Image - Infrared Image.

Quick Click - Colour Satellite - Same as above but colour coded.

Quick Click - Sat Loop - Infrared Loop.

BSCH Satellite Page - NSW VIS Sat Loop, high res.

BSCH Satellite Page - Enhanced National IR Sat Loop, high res.

Weatherzone - Sat Loop - Colour infrared with lightning and rainfall.

MTSAT Satellite Imagery - Water Vapour imagery and lots more.

World Satellite Image - NASA site for an overview of world weather.

Bureau of Meteorology Satellites - The BoM collection of all radars.

BSCH Satellite Page - Great collection by Ben Quinn at BSCH.

ASWA Satellite Links - From the Australian Severe Weather Association.

Satellite and Radar Archive - If you've missed the action - good archives.

Blackheath, 18th July, 1965