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Please Visit Their Site

This is just a simple list of local services that we have used or others have recommended. You can't ask to list your business/service here, its more of a 'Word of Mouth' page, where locals recommend you. Its not a complete list, just one that will be added to, as time permits. Please send in your recommendations.

NB: Please let us know if any of these business have moved or are no longer operating.

EPA - Neighbourhood Issues - This link is excellent for resolving neighbourhood issues in an amicable way. This way, community spirit wins.

Adams Shed - Great produce store. Great prices. Hartley. A really friendly place to buy your produce. Highly recommend these folk.6355 2096

Appliances Online - Good prices for fridges etc, deliver locally. We've bought numerous appliances from this business.1300 000 500

Audio - NextGen Audio. Did a great job repairing our stereo speakers. Consultative and really helpful.0408 675 400

Blackheath Conveyancing - Friendy, helpful service, Gabrielle. Always worth visiting Gabrielle.4787 6459 or 0403 536 853

Blaxland Pets - Ponds - Nice, friendly service. I love my aquariums. A good team of helpful staff at this business.4739 4492

Builders - Local - I've known Gerry for many years. However, his first serve is better than mine, sadly. So avoid him on the courts.4787 6789

Computers - Blue Mountains Computers - Very helpful. Affordable. Willing to work with clients. Listens to your needs.4751 7111 or 0438 448 688

Computers - ARC - If you know what system you want, these guys have great prices. Visit the above link if you are not an experienced user. 4721 1046

Electrician - Paul Veyret - Lovely fella. Very good work. Affordable. Highly recommend Paul for your electrical work.0428 660 448

Electrician - Jeff Hilder - We've always found Geoff to be reliable and affordable. Listens to your needs. 4782 1977

Electrician - Mountain High - Did some good work for us. Prompt and reasonably priced. 4758 7806

Electrician - Paul Harris - Highly recommended. Comes with a good reputation although we haven't used him ourselves.0414 971 815

Fencing - JCB - Katoomba - Responded politely and promptly to my enquiries. Recommend this business.0428 355 942

Gemglow Jewellers - Try hard to come close to online prices. Happy with their service. Shop locally whenever you can.4782 2371

Handyman - Kevin - Lovely fella, very talented. Affordable. Does a great job and reasonable prices. 0411 072 777

Handyman - Martin's Home Care Services - Good bloke, general gardening, repairs etc. We always recommend Martin.4787 6695

Handyman - Ross or 'Wombat' - Talented, good prices, home maintenance etc. Wombat is a real character and does a great job.4787 7310

Harvey Norman - Lithgow - Expensive at times but can have more computer products available than Big W Katoomba. 6351 2321

Health Foods - Bogbean - We love Linda! Friendly. Helpful. Always worth visiting Linda's store for a good chat.4787 5777

The Little Food Co-op - Blackheath. Contact the friendly Belinda, on Facebook.

Lawyers - Higgins - We trust Ross and his team. A really good fella to work with, whatever your needs.1800 229 944

Mechanic - Blackheath Automotive - Have always trusted George. He does a lot of good things in our community.4787 8151

Pets - Leura Doggie Store - Lovely people. Lots of pet supplies. This business is owned by a true pet lover.1300 982 526

Pizza Delish - Next to St Vinnies in Blackheath. The best pizzas! Very, very tasty.4787 7231

Plumber - Daniel Anthony - Great plumber. Prompt. Affordable. Friendly. We highly recommend Daniel. Top notch. 0449 145 547

Plumber - Hazlaw Plumbing - Highly recommended. This business comes with really good recommendations from friends.0421 178 338

Plumber Howard Daniels - Okay rates - good service. Howard does a good job.0414 825 767 or 4782 5767

Plumber - David Hall - Okay rates - prompt service. A local plumber that can be quick to reply.0412 578 378 or 4787 8378

Plumbing - Blackheath-Katoomba - Nice people - great service. 0438 699 912 or 4787 9026

Plumbing - D and B Scott - Good folk to deal with. 4739 9675

Plumbing - Liquid Tech - Sydney. Prompt response, very professional business. 0432 594 055

Real Estate - Ray White - Good to deal with in our experience. 4787 8797

Tennis Racket Stringer - Brian - Good bloke, good rates. A Lithgow local that really knows his tennis rackets. 6351 4391