Please Visit Their Site
Please Visit Their Site

Local Cam - A quality cam at Katoomba Scenic World. Good pan options to view various features like thunderstorms, fog and mist and snow clouds developing.

HD NZ Cams - More amazing cameras in RH menu after clicking on 'Live TimeLapse'. Some of the cameras showing Mt Cook are amazing...

Bathurst Cam - Good views of Bathurst skyline. This is an excellent resource when looking for storm development and frontal weather approaching.

Canberra Cam - Good views of Canberra skyline.

Sydney Traffic Cams - Good for traffic and weather conditions.

Australian Ski Cams - Some very good views of our high country here. Thanks to the folk at for their work on this page.

South Perisher Cam - Gives an accurate representation of conditions away from snow making. The elevations in the view are from 1760m in the valley to 1860m on the peaks in the distance. During typical winters this view would be covered with between 1m and 2m average snow depth. An ordinary year would show at least a metre cover here and two to three metres in a great year. This information comes to me from someone who has skied in this area often.

Surf Cams - Coastal Watch has good state by state coverage. A valuable option when viewing the sea breeze or southerly changes.

Albury Cam - A good guide to drought conditions or rain inland. Maybe even a dust-storm or two.

Mt Wellington Cam - The only good cam of the mountain, that I am aware of.

Mt Wellington Cam - This cam at the top, is good for snow depths.

Macquarie Island - The Australian Territory in sub-antarctica. Look out for the elephant seals.

Mawson Station Antarctica - Australian Antarctic cam. Some impressive sites when visibility is good.

South Pole Cam - Not always viewable but a great cam for a very isolated spot.

Northern Hemisphere Cams

World Clock - Day and night map. Basic but only site of this type found without nasty ads.

Mt Everest Cam - A great cam of the world's highest peak.

Earth Cam Network - Some of the best live Northern Hemisphere cams and more.

Alaskan Cams - Good viewing for we snow lovers during the northern hemisphere winter.

Duluth, Minnesota Cam - Some very good snowfalls in this northern USA city.

St Louis Cam - Averages about 20 inches of snow a year. Great cam.

New York City Cam - Live Times Square Cam.

Washington DC Cams - Washington DC - much further south, stronger cold fronts will reach here.

Scotland Cam - Nice shot of northern Scotland.

Loch Ness Cam - A good view of the loch. Regularly updated.

London Cam - Live shot of Trafalga Square.

Tenby Webcam - SW Wales, UK. Turn up the volume during the day.

Prague Webcam - Czech Republic, great view, good resolution.

Paris Cam - Snow occasionally falls here. Good guide for cold air movement west.