Please Visit Their Site
Please Visit Their Site

Local Cam - A quality cam at Katoomba Scenic World. Good pan options to view various features like thunderstorms, fog and mist and snow clouds developing.

HD NZ Cams - More amazing cameras in RH menu after clicking on 'Live TimeLapse'. Some of the cameras showing Mt Cook are amazing...

Bathurst Cam - Good views of Bathurst skyline. This is an excellent resource when looking for storm development and frontal weather approaching.

Canberra Cam - Good views of Canberra skyline.

Sydney Traffic Cams - Good for traffic and weather conditions.

Australian Ski Cams - Some very good views of our high country here. Thanks to the folk at for their work on this page.

Surf Cams - Coastal Watch has good state by state coverage. A valuable option when viewing the sea breeze or southerly changes.

Albury Cam - A good guide to drought conditions or rain inland. Maybe even a dust-storm or two.

Mt Wellington Cam - School cam for Tassie Weather. Good views of the mountain in winter.

Macquarie Island - The Australian Territory in sub-antarctica. Look out for the elephant seals.

Mawson Station Antarctica - Australian Antarctic cam. Some impressive sites when visibility is good.

South Pole Cam - Not always viewable but a great cam for a very isolated spot.

Northern Hemisphere Cams

World Clock - Day and night map. Basic but only site of this type found without nasty ads.

Mt Everest Cam - A great cam of the world's highest peak.

Earth Cam Network - Some of the best live Northern Hemisphere cams and more.

Alaskan Cams - Good viewing for we snow lovers during the northern hemisphere winter.

Duluth, Minnesota Cam - Some very good snowfalls in this northern USA city.

St Louis Cam - Averages about 20 inches of snow a year. Great cam.

New York City Cam - Live Times Square Cam.

Washington DC Cams - Washington DC - much further south, stronger cold fronts will reach here.

Scotland Cam - Nice shot of northern Scotland.

Loch Ness Cam - A good view of the loch. Regularly updated.

London Cam - Live shot of Trafalga Square.

Tenby Webcam - SW Wales, UK. Turn up the volume during the day.

Prague Webcam - Czech Republic, great view, good resolution.

Paris Cam - Snow occasionally falls here. Good guide for cold air movement west.