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Please Visit Their Site

Central Tablelands Forecast - Our forecasting district is very variable in terrain. High plateau. High ridge. Eroded valley. That is, forecasting is tricky.

BoM Videos - Warnings etc. During severe weather events like strong cold fronts and east coast low etc, the BoM will release some excellent video presentations. Super informative.

Storm Tracker - Storm Tracker. This tracker is really quite valuable. Gives a great idea of the intensity of storms.

Satellites - Satellite links. A good variety of satellite links here. Remember, learning to read satellite imagery is one of the best ways to understand cold fronts, storms etc.

Radar - Radar links. A variety of radar options here. Radar is sometimes misunderstood. Its important to read the radar help links, so be clear on what you are seeing in radar images.

Central Tablelands Forecast - The Central Tablelands forecast district covers a large area. Snow at 1000M on the Oberon Plateau may not mean snow for the BMs.

NSW Forecast Map - Even though we may be in the same forecast district as nearby town/villages, there is a world of difference sometimes in our forecast outcomes.

Bureau of Meteorology NSW Forecast - Detailed text forecast for NSW. You can often get enough information from this link to get a general idea of what may develop in a given day.

Elders National Weather Charts - Seven day charts from Elders. This site is very good. You get good charts and explanatoins and also radar and satellite options and much more.

BoM Climate Influences - A very good description of many of the climate influences across Australia with quite detailed explanations.

New BoM Climate Data Initiative - Huge amounts of climate info. This is very good if you want to drill down and find local data for a given area.

BoM MSLP Averages - Good detail here. Plenty of info. Its a nice way to have a quick summary of MSLP averages and more.

Bureau of Meteorology Seasonal Outlook - Including ElNino wrap-up. The seasonal outlook gives you a detailed summary of potential conditions.

BoM Annual Climate Summary - Released early January each year. There is a really good archive here for comparisons over many years.

Sea Surface Temps - A good site for past and present SSTs. This can really help in understanding present conditions and how they compared to conditions in the past.

Sea Surface Temps - Global - Regularly updated. No archive. This SST map can show up hotter and colder areas than the average. Helps forecasters determine potential weather events.

NOAA Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies - Regularly updated. Understanding amomalies from year to year is an important part of forecasting cold fronts.

Sea Surface Temperature Forecasts etc - A BoM initiative. This is an interesting site that shows some of the threats to coral bleaching episodes and more.

Forecasting Material - More Technical

Re-plot data website - very good.

See forecasting model help article here

BoM MSLP Anoms and Much More.

BoM Temperature History - 100+ yrs.

SAM - Southern Annular Mode and more. Frontal development potential.

Meteologix - Great ensemble model forecast options.

Yr.No - reliable, simple forecast output.

Weatherzone Layers - Advanced model based animation, radar etc. Technical.

Ventusky - Excellent model based animation, radar etc. - Similar to Ventusky, with a 3D focus.

Brisbane Storm Chasers - Stormcast. - Great storm forecast tool.

WunderMap - Great forecast tool. Takes time to learn.

BoM Forecast Rainfall - Read the info link here.

Weatherzone Rain Forecast - Use in conjuction with model analysis.

BoM - Met Eye - Forecasts. Use with caution. Combine with standard forecasts.

BoM Operational Consensus Forecasts - Can be more accurate than single model forecasts.

OCF - more info for the link above - A good summary of Ensemble forecasting.

BoM Models - New model renderings here, including 700hPa temps.

Monthly Temperature Anomalies - Excellent rendition of world temps for each month.

Space Weather - Check out sunspot activity etc.

Extended GFS - Weather Underground - Free material, published soon after model output.

AWN Graphical Synoptic charts - brilliant presentation of local weather obs.

Sea Ice Maps - Strong sea ice years influence cold fronts.

Ensemble Forecasting Info - A good summary from Wikipedia.

GFS Charts from Elders site - Surface pressure, rainfall and thickness.

NOMAD home page - Model analysis for the more experienced.

Snow Watch - Snow forecasting - Australian Weather News.

WetterZentrale - German model central. Lots of good charts if you know basic German.

Bom soundings - Enter "bomw0007" for user id and "aviation" for password.