Please Visit Their Site
Please Visit Their Site

Trades-Services - A collection of businesses that we have used over the years or that others have recommended to us.

What is sleet? - A winter preciptation term that can be misunderstood. Good definitions here.

Blackheath Weather - Legends Series - Interviews with Weather Legends and possibly local legends, into the future.

NSW - Forecast Index - All of the links for NSW, including text forecasts, MetEye, YouTube and social media links.

Beta Forecasts - A very good Meteologix offering, with ensemble forecasts and more. BoM Beta, too

AWS - Mt Boyce Automatic Weather Station and other stations. A must view for what is going on locally. Check the Dew Point column for those hot, humid days.

Fires Near Me - Very important initiative from the RFS, with lots of fire information for our state.

Fire Ban and Fire Rating info - Be clear on your fire plan and view the latest ratings and more, here.

Air Quality Sensors - Blue Mountains - A good guide to air quality, especially during fire weather. Make sure you understand the readings. That is, micrometers per cubic metre of air. Anything over 100 - 150 is not good, over 200 is very bad/hazardous.

Air Quality - Central Tablelands - The official guide from the NSW DPIE. AQI - 0 to 33 is very good air. 34 to 66 = good air, 67 to 99 = fair, 100 to 149 = poor, 150 to 200 = very poor, 200+ = hazardous.

Weather Warnings - All of the weather related warnings from the BoM, including fire information for our state.

Radars - Radar imagery and more. Follow severe thunderstorms and snowfalls via this link. Make sure you read the link that teaches you about the limits of radar.

Satellites - Satellite imagery and more. Some excellent links to satellite imagery for those big weather event days. Weather and BoM initiatives are included here.

GFS Forecast Model - The GFS forecasting model is one of the most popular. Good for storm forecasts, snow and lots more.

BoM Year to Date Australia Rainfall - An excellent tool for a quicky summary of rainfall across the country.

BoM Year to Date NSW Rainfall - An excellent tool for a quicky summary of rainfall across NSW. - EC Isolines - The site is brilliant but it doesn't have isolines available on the phone app, so here's the EC mobile page link - where they still are available on the mobile website. Strange but true. - GFS Isolines - The site is brilliant but it doesn't have isolines available on the phone app, so here's the GFS mobile page link - where they still are available on the mobile website. Strange but true. Website - A great website for the weather enthusiast, almost too much weather info crammed in but it is amazing.

BoM Text Forecast - This is the desktop link for the Central Tablelands forecast. Its not really made for mobiles but is the best link for the latest outlooks/warnings.

BoM Text Forecast explanation - This is a good explanation of how to understand a forecast. It would be a good idea for the BoM to include some of this info in a forecast, IMO.

Water NSW Dam Levels - Water NSW site that lists dam levels for many dams. A good read (or not) during drought.

Weather Photos - Snow photos and weather photos, including a quite extensive archive going back many years.

Snow Reports - Snow reports have been a valuable part of this website for many years. Its a great way to refer back to previous snowfalls and look at the data.

Professional Forecasts - Please read, if you want instant pro forecasts. This will cost you money. Worth it for important events. Weatherzone gives up to the minute forecasts here.

Forecast Details - Lots more detailed/advanced info for those that love their weather forecasting and weather watching. Models, more detailed charts and lots more.

Blackheath - Monthly Weather Summary - Mobile page, Weatherzone. Not formatted for desktop viewing but easily readable on all platforms and full of good information.

Web Cams - National and International web cams. Get your snow fix from this list of interesting web cams. Some of the northern hemisphere sites are spectacular.

Rural Fire Service - Blue Mountains - Important site for spring and summer. Excellent fire information from the professionals. Please, always be prepared for the bushfire season.

RTA - Traffic Updates - Important site for the latest local traffic conditions. The GWH is known for its snarls and delays. Good for snow events, too.

Sydney Trains - Train Time Tabling - Important site for the latest train news and timetables. Also, trackwork and service disruptions.

Local Police - Facebook page - Important site for local policing. Informative page during snowfalls and other extreme weather events.

Blackheath/Mt Vic RFS - Facebook page - Important site for loal fire information.

Shipley RFS - Facebook page - Important site for loal fire information. Good Updates.

Blackheath Bush Fire Watch - Another valuable local site.

Weather Websites

Cloud Appreciation Society - Name that cloud. This site has a great database of many, many clouds.

Snow Chaser Australia - A great resource. From one of the most experienced snow chasers. Excellent videos here.

Australian Sky and Weather's Cafe - A great resource. From one of the most experienced chasers. Lots of interesting links will be found here.

Weatherzone - This site has everything: excellent weather forum etc! A large weather community. The most comprehensive, aussie weather website.

Weather Forums - A privately run forum. A diverse group of weather lovers and storm chasers. Some great weather minds inhabit this place.

Andrew Miskelly's Website - Andrew Miskelly is a talented developer for Weatherzone and a fine weather mind. Some good information on this site, including lots of personal AWS links.

Australian Weather News - One of Australia's best weather sites. Choc-a-bloc with information. Hard to read on a phone but still a great site. - An excellent site on Australian weather and storm chasing. One of Oz's best chasers.

Armidale Weather - A nicely put together site. Some interesting links here.

Barrington Tops Weather - An informative site.

Global Freeze - Global cold weather extremes. If you are in the mood for cold weather, try here.

Mittagong Weather - A good site from a Mittagong snow enthusiast.

Byron Bay photographer - A well designed site by David Ellem. David produces some brilliant photos. - Melbourne weather news and great photos! A good site from a lovely person.

Snow in Western Australia - Nice site indeed for all things snow in WA. Yep, it does snow up high in WA.

Brisbane Storm Chasers - Great information and super webcams. A great storm forecasting tool is here, too.

Aussie Wx Archives - The original forum for Australian Weather.

Australia Severe Weather - Great forecasting tools, photos and lots more. Some exellent links here from some great storm chasers.

Lower Hunter Weather - A Hunter area website with webcam.

Aurora Australis - Southern Lights - An Alert Service is available. More information here.