Hi folks, Blackheath Weather is now on Patreon! We have quite a large, active and friendly group now established. View the link above for Patreon Customer Support - and also check out our new Mastodon (it's great!) social media presence at the end of this document.

Patreon is a vibrant and very active online platform for creatives. Signing up is easy and will provide you with a Blackheath Weather private forum and access to many things like videos, tutorials, regular interactions with me and much more. For a very low cost per month ($5) all subscribers will have access to every aspect of my work.

If you want the very latest cold outbreak news and the timing of local snowfalls and snow depths, Patreon will be the place to go. If you want rainfall forecasts and outlooks, thunderstorm, hail and flood warnings, wind-storm and fire weather info, it will be posted on Patreon more often. And of course, there will be regular local stories, mindfulness posts and poetry - and always a warm, community connected theme. Its very important that all of those signing up, embrace the friendly community values that are such a big part of Blackheath Weather.

Click on the button below to subscribe. Pay Pal or credit card is available and if you can't initially use your Pay Pal account to pay, you can change to that option via the instructions on the pinned post, in the forums, once you become a patron (member). Make sure your payment details are up to date with credit card expiry dates and/or Pay Pal info, as Patreon will temporarily remove your access if payment details have expired and it can take some time to re-join.

Its best to select the 'Join' button rather than 'Make a Custom Plege' as a pledge is just a donation and doesn't come with as many benefits. See you there!

Some folk have said that the mobile website on their phone/tablet is better than the mobile app and that logging in via their FB or Twitter 'sign in' works better than setting up a new sign in. It varies for each person, so see how you go.

I pay Patreon to act on my behalf as customer support, so try these links if you are having issues.

Customer Support - The Patreon Team will help you.

Declining Payments - Some good help here.

Declining Payments - Video Help - An Informative Video.

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PS: I am also now on Mastodon social media, it's quite like Twitter and Facebook but is owned by the people not billionaires. It is a very fast growing social media environment that is very friendly and community orientated. The best social media environment I have ever seen.

Mastodon Information - Check out my information page. It has heaps of good info.

My Mastodon Presence - Look for the green ticks next to my links on both of these accounts. Some new users are putting blue or green ticks next to their profile photo but this isn't official.

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