Please Visit Their Site
Please Visit Their Site

Blackheath Weather is a free community service that produces a general forecast during significant weather events, as time permits. It can never replace professional weather services and advice.

For professional weather services and advisories/warnings, please contact Weatherzone or the BoM on the links above. The Weatherzone Weather Brief service is provided by professional meteorologists and whilst it costs over $5 a minute, it is well worth the money if you want up to the moment details. The BoM offers paid services,too.

During significant weather events, thousands of people can be using this site and its social media portals and its simply not possible for me to get back to all of you. I am typically unable to answer individual messages on social media on 'What is the weather doing right now? We are thinking of coming up? Is it still snowing? Can you give me specific times for snowfalls? Can you give me advice on road closures and when to come up?' etc. I will try to share these details in a general sense across social media platforms, as time allows. And of course, I will do media (radio or print preferred) interviews from time to time, if required.

Our Twitter page (in menu on main page) can have many users online during weather events, so feel free to visit the page and ask the locals for more weather information.

Please read the cold climate info link on the links page, as a number of the answers you are looking for, may be found there, including where to go to find snow up here.

The service provided here is meant to bring some fun and joy to local (and further afield) weather watchers and can never provide official forecasts or outlooks.

Happy weather watching! :-)