Please Visit Their Site
Please Visit Their Site

Weatherzone Layer Maps - Quality radar, satellite and much more. Full of options. I use this resource often during spring, summer and winter. Great model rescource, too. Animations, too.

TWC Sydney Radar - High quality radar, lightning overlays etc. One of my favourites. It easy to use and customise.

BoM 128k Radar - Great for local storms and snow. Remember, radar doesn't always show up snow showers. Low level shower activity can go unrecorded.

BoM 128k Radar - alternative link - Backup link it usual link is down. a very handy option as radar seems to go down quite often.

Bom Radar Info Page - Learn about radars and how to apply this information.

Radar Archive - 1 - If you've missed the action. Great resource. This is a super option when you want to review recent and past storm activity. The archives are very handy indeed.