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Hi there, welcome to Blackheath Weather. I'm a storm spotter for the BoM and web admin and forecaster for Blackheath Weather. This website has been running for over twenty years now. Blackheath is a village high in the world heritage listed Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia. Its part of the Central Tablelands forecasting district. View the Twitter Timeline below the radar on the main page for instant, snow/weather reports and occasional photos. If the website timeline is missing on the main page, you will see a 'Tweets by @BlackheathWx' below the radar - you can click there also. Occasionally, the BoM radar and main page graphic will go down also. For your interest, we also have an active, friendly Central Tablelands weather community on Facebook.

At an altitude of around 1100 metres above sea level, the most significant weather event here is probably snow. Most snowfalls in the upper Blue Mountains are light to moderate with an average of around two settled falls per year and typically three or four days of snow flurries. Bigger and more frequent falls occur in the Oberon region and further south. Of course, other weather events will also be covered here, including significant storm and rain events.

Please Note: There are thousands of subscribers to this website and its social media portals. Sometimes, its just not possible for me to respond to social media interactions - as much as I would like to. This site is a free, community service, please use the Pro Forecast link above, if you want immediate weather information. Also, if you are thinking of posting a community project or business promotion to my FB timeline, please contact me first via email or private message.

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