Hi folks. This is the support/donation page for the Blackheath Weather Email Group (BWEG). For five dollars a month you will get regular weather email updates from me (video/audio etc on snow/storms/fire-weather, rain outlooks) along with mindfulness stories and all sorts of community connected themes. Click on the 'support us' link above for PayPal or Credit Card.

For ease of account processing (and so you don't forget) I'd recommend you select the 'Make This A Monthly Donation' option - you can cancel at any time. If you opt to pay as a once off payment, you may need to email me at the start of each month to confirm you have paid again - just so I don't miss you.If you pay via the credit card option it only offers monthly once off payments unless you join PayPal - so just set yourself a reminder to pay each month, to remain on the group.

Once I see your payment and can identify your email address, I can officially include you in the group. Make sure you check your spam folder for my emails, too. You may also choose to email me - blackheathweather@gmail.com - to confirm payment and so that I can quickly add you to the group. Shortly after this process, you will start seeing my emails arrive. Occassionally it can take a day or two to confirm payment via the PayPal process so if you are not seeing any BWEG emails, just email me to let me know, with the email address you want to use in the group.

You can find me on the Blackheath Weather YouTube channel and Blackheath Weather Private Social Facebook Group via the link below.

Look forward to connecting soon!

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Mr Blackheath Weather