Please Visit Their Site
Please Visit Their Site

Blackheath Weather - Email Group - The new Blackheath Weather Email Group is our latest development, to recover some lost ground since Patreon has had major problems, with major layoffs and processing membership and payments at times. We will be doing all of the things that were available on Patreon with video tutorials, detailed weather forecasts on snow, storms(hail tracking), rain and fire weather - as well as mindfulness and reflective posts and community connected themes. If you want to be a part of this email group, click on the associated link. Donation/payment is $5 per month. I'll be managing this service myself so it will run more smoothly and there will be a PayPal and credit card option for payment. No algorithms from Facebook or Twitter/X will hide any posts from you - each post will reach your inbox.

Blackheath Weather - YouTube Channel - For those that follow me on the Blackheath Weather Email Group, there will be access to private links, for tutorials, weather outlooks and more. You can comment and reply on our videos.

Blackheath Weather - Social Group - Facebook - The main Blackheath Weather Facebook page for weather enthusiasts and community loving folk. A quite large social presence. Weather info (snow, storms, fire-weather etc) poetry/reflections and photography are shared here.Community well-being stories, too. It's a great community. There will be times when FB algorithms will cause you to miss important snow/fire/hail storm etc information, so this is where the Blackheath Weather Email Group above will gaurantee each and every post reaches you.

Blackheath Weather - Facebook - The public Blackheath Weather Facebook page. A large public presence. Some weather info, poetry and photography is shared here. In depth forecasting (snow, storms and fires etc) tutorials and outlooks are more comprehensively done via our Social Group.

Blackheath Weather - Twitter - A busy and friendly social hub for the website. Lots of good weather interactions here. We also chat about fashion, mental health and mindfulness - and other bits and pieces. Lots of good people here, from all walks of life.

Blackheath Weather - Mastodon - The Blackheath Weather mastodon page has a growing social presence. Poetry, weather info and photography are shared here.

Blackheath Weather - Threads - A new social media portal that has stalled at present, due to lack of features and engagement. Let's see how it evolves.

NB: Please be mindful that Blackheath Weather can have many, many folk using the social media portals during major weather events, so its not always possible for me to get back to everyone. Thanks for your understanding.