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This website will not work as well via Firefox browser due to add-blocking. Without some revenue, it would be hard to operate this community site effectively.

Please Note: Across a busy, twenty four hour period, there can be thousands of people using this site and/or its related social media portals. Often, its just not possible for me to respond to many social media interactions during these times. This site is a free, community service, please use the Pro Forecasts link above, if you want immediate weather information. Also, if you are thinking of posting a community project or business promotion to my FB timeline, please contact me first via email or private message.

Blackheath Weather is a community forecasting site, originally developed in the 1990s to fill the need for more detailed, Blue Mountains forecasts. Most of the Blue Mountains receives the Sydney television broadcasts and sometimes there is not a lot of attention given to the details of our weather outlooks. As we all know, the weather in the Blue Mountains (especially above 800M in altitude - from about Lawson/Wentworth Falls to Mt Victoria) is very different to Sydney.

This site offers unofficial forecasts via the Twitter feed that is displayed as a live feed on the website main page. There is also a Facebook link on the main page. Although it may be informative and helpful, you should not base your decisions concerning the threat of fires, wind storms or snow etc on the advice given from the Twitter or Facebook feeds. For Official/Professional forecasts, view the BoM and Weatherzone forecasting links on the main page and also the 'Pro Forecasts' link above. Please remember, any forecasts or outlooks provided by Blackheath Weather are based on probabilities, not certainties.

Blackheath Weather is a laid back community initiative that revolves around the wonderful weather community both locally and further afield. It is not a place to stridently debate climate change and other social issues etc.

NB: You will notice a number of advertisements on this website. I do try and keep them as unobtrusive as possible and as relevant to site visitors as possible. Maintaining this website takes considerable time and effort. Thanks for your understanding.

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