Australian Ski Fields

Snowy Mountains BoM forecast - A quick way to check on the strength of approaching cold fronts.

Snow Depths Calculator - Spencer's Creek snow depth etc. - Snow Cams - A comprehensive list of cams for Australia and NZ.

Mt Hotham - Snow Cam - Brilliant HD cam with panning option etc. Updates every 15 minutes.

Thredbo NSW - Snow Cam - A good way to check snow levels of approaching fronts in NSW.

More Thredbo Cams - An interactive mountain cam map.

Falls Creek Cam - Good Victorian Alps link. Night views are possible here. - A great site for Australian snow information including forums, forecasts and snow cams.

Thredbo site - This is the commercial Thredbo ski site. Plenty of local information and helpful links.

Mt Hotham - This is the commercial Mt Hotham site.

Australian and New Zealand Ski Reports - Handy site with wind chill calculator as well.

Winter Snow Cams - A More Accurate Indication of Natural Snow Depths

The Selwyn Cams - A good cam for realistic snow depths at 1490M to 1608M Above sea level.

The Selwyn Snow Report - Weatherzone snow report and depths etc.

The Charlotte Pass Cam - high and free of snow making, away from the centre of the photo.

The Rock Creek Area Cam - gives an accurate representation of conditions away from snow making. The elevations in the view are from 1760m in the valley to 1860m on the peaks in the distance. During typical winters this view would be covered with between 1m and 2m average snow depth. In 2008 the valley was covered quite well with around 130cm for nearly 2 months. An ordinary year would show at least a metre cover here and two to three metres in a great year, at least. This information comes to me from someone who has skied in this area often.

The Smiggin Holes Cam - a good guide when the cam is facing more to the left of the main run.

Mt Baw Baw skiing on Christmas Day - You've gotta check this out. This guy was going off all day.